Training at Public Schools
   "Instruct thousands of kids each year to ride safe"
My name is Chris McNeil, owner operator of McNeil Simulators. I started this site as a place to showcase my accomplishments in educating thousands of kids how to ride ORVs Safely and Ethically.  
Now I'm able to offer this education program to you.  As you browse this site, you will come across the description of the training simulator, training materials, video examples of it's use, ordering/cost details, and my contact information.  
Please take a look around, as this site is new. Additions will be added regularly. If you have any problems downloading PDF files or video feeds please contact me. 
So many people are getting hurt, especially the kids. This style of training allows myself to instruct ATV safety to school groups, and spend a class period (50 minutes) discussing the dangers, proper riding techniques, responsibile land use when riding ATVs, Dirt Bikes and or Snowmobiles. The simulator enhances the training experience on a powerful demonstration level and works excellent. Please browse by starting with the Introduction video to the right. 
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